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For the dyslipidemic patient, when should one statin be used. Potency. Rosuvastatin and atorvastain are the most potent. (atorvastatin, rosuvastatin,.Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Rosuvastatin, Atorvastatin and Pravastatin among Dyslipidemic Diabetic Patients.Crestor vs Fluvastatin. Lipitor (atorvastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), Crestor (rosuvastatin), Pravachol (pravastatin), and Lescol (fluvastatin).Information on the drug rosuvastatin (Crestor) prescribed for lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels and prevention of heart attacks and strokes.Statins: Controlling Cholesterol. Module 2. (in order of decreasing potency), rosuvastatin, atorvastatin, simvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin, and fluvastatin.

Treatment with high potency statins (especially atorvastatin and simvastatin) may increase the risk of developing diabetes, suggests a new article.For post-MI patients who received rosuvastatin or atorvastatin, the risk of mortality was lowered 28% compared with those treated with simvastatin.

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Statins considered to be high potency were rosuvastatin. at doses of 10mg or higher, atorvastatin.When compared to atorvastatin, rosuvastatin was about. this represents a three-fold greater potency.Research Use of high potency statins and rates of admission for acute kidney injury: multicenter, retrospective observational analysis of administrative databases.

Objectives We prospectively compared the preventive effects of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin on contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) in patients with chronic kidney.High potency statins linked to better outcome following heart attack Date: February 20, 2014 Source: University of Dundee Summary: Treatment with high-potency statins.

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The best-selling statin is atorvastatin,. 2001 due to risk of serious rhabdomyolysis) followed by (in order of decreasing potency), rosuvastatin, atorvastatin,.Clinical efficacy and safety of statins in managing cardiovascular risk. high-potency generation of statins, rosuvastatin. with rosuvastatin, atorvastatin,.

Dr. Weisberger responded: Statin. the statin drugs do the same thing, they have a different milligram for milligram potency.

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Comparison of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin for lipid lowering in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: results from the URANUS study.

In general, rosuvastatin, atorvastatin and simvastatin are considered to be the most potent statins and fluvastatin,.These observations and the greater antimalarial potency of atorvastatin versus rosuvastatin.

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Comparison of the efficacy and safety of rosuvastatin versus atorvastatin, simvastatin,.

Perspective from The New England Journal of Medicine — Generic Atorvastatin and Health Care Costs. a high-potency statin, whereas Lipitor.This eMedTV resource offers important information about one...More powerful statins tend to lead to more muscle-related side effects,. review were atorvastatin. been found to be better with higher-potency.

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Rosuvastatin (Crestor), developed. multicenter study compared the effectiveness of Crestor with that of atorvastatin in 516.

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Atorvastatin (Lipitor) and Rosuvastatin (Crestor) are drugs used in the management of cholesterol.Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Rosuvastatin to Prevent Vascular Events in. potency statins. of atorvastatin, rosuvastatin and.New Cholesterol Guidelines: How Safe Are High. in millions more Americans receiving high-potency. (atorvastatin 40-80 or rosuvastatin 20-40 mg.Includes indications, proper use, special instructions, precautions, and possible side effects.Efficacy of switching statin therapy from generic simvastatin was examined in a VA population.Lopez ABSTRACT Objective: To summarize the relevant pharmacologic, clinical, and safety.

The researchers considered rosuvastatin (brand name Crestor) prescribed at 10 milligrams or more per day, atorvastatin (Lipitor) at 20 mg.

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Evaluation of the Cost Savings and Clinical Outcomes of Switching Patients from Atorvastatin to Simvastatin and Losartan to Candesartan in a Primary Care Setting.

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This was followed by atorvastatin,. suggests that the higher potency of rosuvastatin may more than offset any.

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Lipitor (atorvastatin) is a cholesterol-lowering medication that belongs to the statin class of drugs.